Frederick English’s Life, 1789-1849

20 October 1789 Born in Fareham, Hampshire
c1804 Cadet at Woolwich Academy
8 September 1807 Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant
April 1808 Gazetted 1st Lieutenant
August 1808 to January 1809 and 1814 Served in Peninsular War, awarded Military General Service medal 1793-1814 with 5 clasps: Roliça, 17 August 1808; Vimeiro, 21 August 1808; Corunna, 16 January 1809; Orthez, 27 February 1814; Toulouse, 10 April 1814
c1809-c1813 Stationed near Ipswich (see letter 99)
10 January 1811 Married Catherine Bleaden at Ipswich
1811 Daughter Catherine born
3 March 1813 Son Frederick baptised at Bawdsey, Suffolk
21 July 1813 Gazetted 2nd Captain
10 October 1815 Daughter Caroline baptised at Ipswich
?1815 Gazetted Captain
From March 1815 In the Netherlands; took part in Waterloo campaign, but did not qualify for Waterloo medal
Until August 1817 In Army of Occupation in France
By 1820 Stationed at Fort George
1820 Son Augustus born at Fort George
1822 Daughter Annie born at Fort George
October or November 1823 Rescued fishermen in Moray Firth, awarded Royal Humane Society’s silver medal
c1825 Daughter Isabella born at Fort George
1820s Served with Survey in Ireland. Acquaintance with Larcom suggests he was there in 1826 when Larcom arrived, or soon after
Late 1820s-?1833 Stationed at Weedon, Northamptonshire
12 February 1834 Sailed for West Indies
10 January 1837 Gazetted Lieutenant-Colonel
April 1837 Took up appointment as CRE West Indies
20 July 1839 Arrived in England
1839 or 1840 Appointed CRE Jersey
6 November 1843 Daughter Catherine marries Charles Le Quesne
12 August 1844 Granddaughter Catherine Esther Le Quesne born in Jersey
About 1845 Appointed Deputy CRE Gibraltar
17 March 1846 Granddaughter Isabel Edith Le Quesne born in Jersey
1846 Appointed CRE Woolwich, where he designed Green Hill School, built after his death
14 June 1848 Grandson Charles Frederick Nicholas Le Quesne born in Jersey
30 June 1849 Died at Woolwich as a result of an artillery accident